Society Lecture: Family and network treatment: Theory & practice


Professor Jim Orford

Professor of Clinical and Community Psychology

I have a specific research interest in Addictions, and a more general research interest in community psychology.

I lead a group within the School of Psychology who are studying various aspects of alcohol and drug use and addiction from clinical and community psychology perspectives. The group’s research includes: a study of untreated heavy drinkers; studies of how families cope with alcohol or drug problems and how such family problems are responded to in primary health care settings; a multi-centre study of treatment for alcohol problems; a national study of gambling; and a survey of drinking amongst members of ethnic minority groups in the West Midlands.

More generally, my interests are in community psychology, which views individual people within their social contexts, and in qualitative research methods. I co-edit the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology; am a member of networks of community psychologists in the UK and in Europe; and I have research collaborations with colleagues working on alcohol, drugs and the family in Mexico City, Northern Territory Australia, and at the University of Bath in this country. I also enjoy contact with colleagues in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Havana, Cuba.


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