Invited Speakers - SSA Annual Conference 2019

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Why smoking still matters: Finding solutions to support cessation in groups with a high smoking prevalence and multiple needs

Sharon Cox
Exploring the uptake, use and barriers to smoking cessation interventions amongst adults accessing homeless support services
Debbie Robson
The implementation of smokefree and e-cigarette policies within mental health and substance misuse services
Kate Hunt
Implementation of smokefree prisons in Scotland: Findings from the Tobacco in Prisons (TIPs) study

Consequences of adolescent cannabis use and novel strategies for treatment

Will Lawn
cannTEEN: a longitudinal, MRI study investigating how cannabis differentially affects teenagers and adults
Lindsey Hines
Does preconception adolescent cannabis use by parents affect offspring birth outcomes? Results from a 20-year intergenerational cohort study
Tom Freeman
Cannabidiol for the treatment of cannabis use disorder: an adaptive Bayesian dose-finding clinical trial

Exposure to Gambling: Ethnographic, psychophysiological and observational explorations

Steve Sharman Gambling exposure in football: An analysis of Premier League and Championship matchday programmes
Darragh McGee
Beyond the betting shop: Youth, masculinity and the growth of online sports gambling
Amanda Roberts
Gambling advertisement and young people: An eye tracking study to assess the gaze behaviour, intention to gamble and craving effects during exposure

Addiction and the market: Working practices and the marketization of addiction treatment

Caroline Turriff
The marketization of addiction: A public perspective
Musa Sami
Primum non nocere: Ethical and clinical dilemmas in the private marketplace
Jonathan Newman
Analytical and methodological approaches in the study of the addiction treatment markets