The 'Addiction Interviews' series was instigated by the late Professor Griffith Edwards, and was published in the journal Addiction between 1979 and 2015. During this time the journal interviewed a broad cross-section of men and women whose careers helped to shape the addiction field through their research, teaching, writing, clinical work and program management. The entire series can be accessed as a virtual issue of the journal here, and a summary of the first 100 interviews can be found here

Changes to the nature of scientific publishing mean that there is no longer space in a high impact factor scientific journal for such material. However, such is the historical importance of this process the Addiction journal editorial team, under the guidance of the series editor Professor Virginia Berridge, will continue to commission the series for publication on the SSA website. This will allow us to provide enhanced content, including audio or recordings of the interview and a hyperlinked reading list of the subject's work. The series will be known as 'Addiction Lives' from 2016 onwards, and the list of interviewees will appear below:

MAY 2017: Thomas F. Babor in conversation with Keith Humphreys

JULY 2017: Wayne Hall in conversation with John Strang

NOVEMBER 2017: Ingeborg Rossow in conversation with Keith Humphreys

APRIL 2018: Betsy Thom in conversation with Virginia Berridge

NOVEMBER 2018: Moira Plant in conversation with Virginia Berridge