Purpose: The SSA shall award a maximum of £2,500 to support a member or associate of the Society to travel to international meetings in combination with a visit to laboratories and/or clinics, to collaborate in research and further their training. This amount will be awarded three times per year, after application deadlines in February, June and October.

Society for the Study of Addiction Travelling Scholarships

1. How it works:

Before the conference/laboratory/clinic visit:

a) You submit your application to the SSA with a letter of support from your supervisor, details of the visit and your itemised budget;
b) The SSA considers funding requests three times annually*, after deadlines on 14 February, 13 June and 17 October. We will let you know as soon as possible after each deadline whether you have been successful;

*Applications will not be considered in advance of these deadlines.

After the laboratory/clinic/conference visit:

c) If you are successful in your application, you undertake your trip and then submit to the SSA a report and details of the expenses you would like to be reimbursed, including receipts (in accordance with the SSA’s expenses policy: www.addiction-ssa.org/index.php/funding/expenses);
d) The SSA will then reimburse you;

2. Eligibility/Selection Criteria

An eligible member or associate is one in the early-mid part of their career and not more than five years post-doctoral. Preference will be given to applicants who:

e) will combine their visit(s) to a laboratory(ies) and/or clinic(s) and/or to meeting with an expert associated with their field of addiction*;

f) and who are presenting their own scientific work at a meeting(s) they wish to attend;

g) are active members or associates of the SSA as evidenced by attendance at our PhD or Annual Conference.

*Shorter, simpler trips will also be considered. Trips for which part-funding by other non-industry parties has been agreed will be considered.

3. To apply

Online, using the button at the foot of this page, or complete and email back the downloadable, MS Word version. Original supporting documents should be scanned and sent with the application to arrive, by one of the closing dates - 14 February, 13 June or 17 October each year:


(Tel: +44 (0) 1535 664 673)

Please attach:

1 - *Letter from tutor/line manager (preferably a member of the SSA) to confirm organisational support of the proposed study activity. This is essential to the processing of the application

2 - Full expected budget

3 - Letter of confirmation from employing authority that study leave will be granted if application is successful

4 - Copy of submitted abstract

5 - Supporting statement from proposed host centre (including letter of invitation where appropriate)

6 - Brief CV, highlighting degrees, awards & publications

Successful applicants must submit a report to the SSA after the event (at the above address), with details of the expenses they would like refunded, including receipts.

*This letter should show:

  • The benefit to the applicant or organisation;
  • The employer’s position regarding funding;
  • Support for the time required to undertake the visit and associated work;
  • An opinion of the applicant’s ability to complete the activity

4. Application assessment 

The travelling scholarship coordinator – appointed from the Society’s trustees – will rank applicants using the criteria outlined on our website. The coordinator’s recommendation will be made to the board of trustees for their ratification, and applicants informed of the decision shortly after.

5. Reports

Successful applicants must submit a report to the SSA after the event (at the above address), with details of the expenses they would like refunded, including receipts.

The application form can be downloaded here (Word). 


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