The Society was founded as the Society for the Study and Cure of Inebriety in 1884, and is the oldest organisation of its type in the United Kingdom. The website allows you to explore the history of the Society and its members, and doing so will bring to life many of the debates that have surrounded the issue of addiction over the past 130 years. The mission of the Society is to broaden and promote the scientific understanding of addiction, and we particularly aim to help clinicians and policy makers get research evidence into practice. 

Welcome to the Society for the Study of Addiction's website. Whether you are new to the Society or an existing member, we hope that the site will provide a useful resource for busy clinicians, researchers and policy makers in the addictions field. 

The website brings together information about the SSA-funded research training and development pathway leading from undergraduate degree through to post-doctorate level: 

  • Funds are available through the Bursary scheme to individuals who have been offered a place on a UK University-validated, UK-based programme in specialist addiction studies, and have a demonstrable commitment to working in the addictions field. The Society also maintains an up-to-date list of addictions courses run by UK Higher Education establishments, and will be providing website space for Higher Education course leaders to share ideas and materials. 
  • The SSA PhD Studentship provides an individual the opportunity to pursue a PhD in addiction science registered at a UK university which furthers the aims of the Society. 
  • The SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellowship scheme was launched in 2012 and is available to current Society members. It has been established to support academic career development (for both clinical and non-clinical academics) in areas of addictions study which further the aims of the Society.

Information can be found on how to apply for each of these funding streams, as well as the work of the individuals currently supported by the Society. In addition, the SSA Fred Yates Prize is awarded at the annual SSA Symposium to a researcher who is in the early or mid- part of her or his career and who has made a significant and specific contribution to the addictions field. The recipient receives a certificate and a cheque for £2,000, and will be invited to present their research at that year's Symposium.

The two Society journals, Addiction and Addiction Biology, are currently the two highest impact journals in the addictions field in the world, and both are available as part of the membership package. The SSA has also entered into a partnership with the Drug and Alcohol Findings team. As described by the Findings editor Mike Ashton in his video, the SSA is working to help to find new and interesting ways to access and build on the extensive Findings ‘back catalogue’, starting with the Drug Matrices.

The new Knowledge Hub is a portal to sources of evidence about addiction and its treatment. Here we aim to gather useful resources relating to research, clinical practice, training and policy from across the world, and present them in a searchable format. In addition, the site will allow you to keep up to date with the latest SSA-funded projects, as well as searching the ‘back catalogue’ of presentations at the Annual Symposium and the PhD Symposium.

We hope that you like the new-look site, and will get involved in interactive discussions and debates as the content develops. The site has an editor (Dr Ed Day) and a content manager (Christine Goodair), and will be commissioning new pieces of work on a regular basis. We would welcome your comments and feedback on any topic.